Posted by: RTAHP | May 1, 2013

What’s wrong with wearing YELLOW shirt?

2013 Election of senatorial down to municipal leaders  is soon to mark the calendar of Philippine History. Everywhere across the archipelago, you can hear hottest news covering the various campaigns of  re-electionists and aspiring leaders.

What strikes me lately is the news regarding President Aquino’s remark on a poster of mayoralty candidate in General Santos City regarding the wearing of color yellow shirt. Quoted from the Manila Times, the President said:

I saw these posters of candidates wearing yellow. I thought they were my allies. Upon my closer look, I cannot recognize them. Then I realized there’s a small UNA logo on the side.

Why do UNA candidates wear yellow? Are they doing it [wearing yellow] because they are praising me, or because they are trying to mislead the voters?

If you see a Jollibee branch painted blue and green, of course you would hesitate in coming in. You would think: This could not be Jollibee. I don’t know what is the ploy of the opposition.

Battle of colors invaded Philippine Election.

Battle of colors invaded Philippine Election.

Mr. President, you are the President of the whole Filipinos, whether we Filipinos like it or not, you are our leader. Your CARE should be for EVERY JUAN, you should recognize and uplift EVERY JUAN. I am not your critic, and I agree with the “Tuwid na Daan” slogan; however, the ways seems to contradict the talk.

First, it is interesting that the current President is campaigning for his bets. It would be productive-wise, if he will spend his time from doing works that will benefit the whole Filipino people. Filipinos are paying the salary of all government officials, thus their official time should be spent for the benefit of the majority if not of all. Unless, the President spends his campaign tours outside his official duty hours, I wouldn’t mind. He needs a DAY-OFF too and he can spend it in anyway he wants.

Second, government workers are forbidden to campaign for any candidate and maintain a non-partisan stand, how could this be possible if the head leader of the country does not lead a good example?

And most of all, going back to the topic, what is wrong with wearing color yellow t-shirt? Are we living in a time where everything, including colors are copyrighted? The President seems to compare the battle of colors in Philippine campaigning to a food establishment, Jollibee. Well, as a comparison, eating in Jollibee can be enjoying and it takes hours to digest the food, but in electing leaders, it takes years to bear the consequences of our choice.

I hope Filipinos won’t get fooled with colors but the actions behind those colors and the roads they will bring us all.

Blessings to all!


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